Ralph Lägel, MBA

Shareholder and Senior Advisor 

Mehr über Ralph Lägel, MBA

Ralph Lägel is shareholder and senior advisor at inav GmbH. He studied medicine and psychology at the University of Leipzig and completed his Executive Master of Business Administration in Healthcare Management at the Universities of Salzburg, Marburg and Trier. His activities brought him into management and strategic positions at university hospitals, therapy centers, physician networks and pharmaceutical companies. Particular areas of focus have been innovative, digitally supported care models and, increasingly in recent years, work with start-ups and the development of an incubator for a major international company. Ralph Lägel was also a board member of the Bundesverband Managed Care e.V. (BMC) from 2010 to 2022 and continues to lead various working groups within the association.

Mr. Lägel’s main areas of focus at inav are the development of innovative care concepts, care management, and strategic consulting on the aspects of digitalization in healthcare and the market launch of digital health applications (DiGAs).