The aim of DELIVER-CARE is to develop a model for the delegation of medical activities to medical assistants (MFA) in chronic inflammatory diseases.

Chronic inflammatory diseases are complex clinical conditions requiring a high level of care. In the current health care setting, the vast amount of time required for optimal treatment cannot be provided. The lack of access to specialist care, or the severe delay in accessing it, often leads to a deterioration in prognosis and quality of life. This problem could be counteracted by delegating medical activities to medical assistants (MFA).

In this process, MFAs are expected to perform their own structured consultation. They identify current symptoms and the drug tolerability and serve as the primary point of contact in the event of special incidents, e.g., drug side effects. Subsequently, the results are discussed with the patient and the specialist. This provides patients with a more effective drug therapy, individualized information and faster access to specialists.


A randomized controlled trial will be conducted to evaluate DELIVER-CARE. Within the scope of the study, the effectiveness of the MFA consultation compared to the standard of care will be tested over a period of twelve months. For three disease categories (gastroenterology, rheumatology, dermatology), the study will determine the influence of the MFA consultation on disease activity and the extent to which patient-related factors such as disease management, quality of life or patient satisfaction improve. In addition, cost-effectiveness will be evaluated.


The project will be funded for four years with a total of ca. 2.2 million euros. If successful, the concept can be transferred to other regions as well as to other diseases (e.g. ophthalmology) with department-specific adaptation.