DigitalRadar Hospital

Using a newly developed maturity model, the progress of digitization in German hospitals and the effect of funding from the Hospital Future Fund are to be evaluated. The model enables a standardized and comprehensive assessment based on extensive data collection and the self-assessment of the participating hospitals. It calculates an individual DigitalRadar score and, for international comparability, an EMRAM indicator for each hospital.

For hospitals that have applied for funding under the Hospital Future Act (KHZG), participation in the accompanying evaluation is mandatory. Hospitals that have not applied for funding can also participate in the self-assessment on a voluntary basis. The digital tool is available online and offers the opportunity for a new German public reporting in the health care sector.

The inav was involved in the development of the maturity model and is responsible for the accompanying quantitative and qualitative evaluation.

More information can be found on the DigitalRadar website.