LeIKD is a lifestyle intervention project addressing high-risk patients with a combination of type 2 diabetes mellitus (DMT2) and coronary heart disease. A significant number of people develop common illnesses during their lifetime, such as diabetes or cardiovascular disease. A combination of these diseases increases the risk of higher morbidity and mortality exponentially. Therefore, the development and testing of new care models for these diseases is extremely important.


To evaluate the project, a multi-center randomized controlled trial will be conducted. The study will investigate if the patients’ lifestyle can be positively influenced and if health literacy and health-related quality of life can be increased. Results from medical examinations, patient surveys and routine data from the Techniker Krankenkasse will be used for the evaluation. The primary endpoint is the HbA1c level of the study participants. Health-related quality of life, health literacy and behavioral parameters will be assessed using validated questionnaires.


The project will be funded with ca. 4.5 million euros for a period of three years. If positive care effects can be identified in the course of the study, the aim is to transfer the project to other locations throughout Germany. The establishment of further locations is intended to contribute to this successively.