OnkoRisk NET

According to current research, about five to ten percent of all tumor diseases are hereditary. Due to genetic changes, there is a significantly increased risk of cancer in individual families, which often already manifests itself as a tumor disease in young people. The so-called tumor risk syndrome (TRS) can be identified by examining a family’s medical history, risk calculations and a genetic test. Based on this, preventive measures can be taken.

However, there is currently still a lack of clinical pathways that offer advice and support to the attending medical specialists in determining the indication and interpreting of the findings. Especially in structurally weaker regions with little exchange between specialists, the hereditary causes of cancer are often not identified.

The aim of the OnkoRisk NET project is to create a cooperative network in which practicing oncologists and specialists in human genetics can exchange information. The project also includes the development of clinical pathways and the establishment of telemedical genetic counseling. This way, the human genetics oncology standard care in structurally weak regions is to be improved.

The inav GmbH was appointed to evaluate the project. Some of the parameters that will be recorded and analyzed as part of the study include patient satisfaction, psychological stress, and the use of genetic counseling by other family members.

The project will be funded for 45 months with a total of approximately 2.5 million euros from the Innovation Fund. If successful, the project will ensure access to genetic counseling, diagnostics and risk-adapted prevention for genetic tumor risk syndromes in structurally weaker regions.

Foto: freepik | kjpargeter